This blog is here to support you with information, products, and resources to help the recovering addict or alcoholic to move always towards recovery. When we sit and not work our recovery we move back to recess or worst relapse.

I am Dougie, a recovered alcoholic. I came into the rooms of AA, broken and hopeless. The Fellowship loved me when I could not love myself, over time my body healed, then my mind and today I am healing my spiritual side with giving back what was given to me.

You can use the resources in your journey. Enjoy and remember: to keep it, you must give it away.

The Name

The name RECESS to RECOVERY is based on the 3rd Step of A.A. 12-step program. Of the 200 words in those steps, there is one word. That word is a DECISION. When people come into A.A., rehab, hospitals or Institutions, are they there for RECESS? That is to get some relief but not recovered. Or are they there for RECOVERY. Willing to go to any lengths to overcome this. It is time to make that decision.

The Logo

The Logo is trying to symbolize the Recess (an “R” that is backward). The “to” or “2” or in this design the roman numerals¬†“II” made with parts of the “R”‘s. The second R is Recovery. It is normal as in facing forward. So when we admit we are unable to manage our lives, we are the reversed “R” and after we become recovered we become the forward facing “R”. The color palette is nonstandard because those with addiction are non-standard kinda of folks.

R2R Logo Defined